Newly Elected Officials Training Handouts

As we determine the next steps for meetings, below are the handouts used for Newly Elected Officials training

Governmental Conduct Act Compliance Guide
Open Meetings Act Compliance Guide

To begin; follow the videos and the accompanying presentation slide handouts (directly below). Additional handouts are listed below the line

NEO 2020 Power Point Slides PDF

(Depending on your internet connection, videos may take a few moments to load. For any technical difficulties email

Part I Newly Elected Officials Training video

Part II Newly Elected Officials Training video

Part III Newly Elected Officials Training – Coming Soon!

Part IV Newly Elected Officials Training video

Part V Newly Elected Officials Training video

Part VI Newly Elected Officials Training video

Part VII Newly Elected Officials Training video

Part VIII Newly Elected Officials Training video

New Mexico Governmental Structure

Basics of Municipal Government
Dillons Rule
Forms of Municipal Government
Ballot Questions
Minimum Responsibilities
No Commissioners


Governmental Body Code of Ethics
Anti-Donation Clause
Governmental Conduct
Governmental Conduct Act Overview (AG’s)


Fifty-Two Tips on Governing


A Practical Way to Conduct a Meeting
a. Rio Rancho Rules of Procedure Cover page
b. Rules of Procedure Table of Contents 
c. Rio Rancho Rules of Procedure Body

Governing Body Meetings 
a. Sample Resolution – Open Meetings pdf
b. Governing Body Meetings Doc

Governing Body as a Hearing Panel


Municipal Revenue Sources


1. Personnel Responsibilities of Elected Officials
2. Personnel Policies
3. Personnel Policy Checklist
4. Fair Labor Standards Act
5. Nepotism


Alphabetical List of Cities
Cities Listed by Form of Government


For those interested in continuing their education. New Mexico Municipal League has created the Municipal Official Leadership Institute (MOLI). Under normal conditions the first class, Education Program, would be taking place in May at the beautiful La Posada de Santa Fe in person. But you are in luck. We have the entire Education Program available online! These programs are $30 a piece and you have 72 hours to watch them.  Click here to continue to the MOLI videos and here to learn more about the upcoming MOLI programs, tentatively, scheduled for September and November.  If you have any questions regarding NEO or MOLI, you can email

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