For Immediate Release – New Executive Director Named



June 12, 2020


At today’s regularly scheduled meeting, the New Mexico Municipal League’s (“League”) Board of Directors (“Board”) unanimously named AJ Forte its Executive Director, effective immediately.


Previously, Director Forte served as both Deputy Cabinet Secretary and State Budget Director at the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration, and earlier as the Risk Management Director at the New Mexico General Services Department.


Among Director Forte’s many accomplishments are: catalyzing the largest state group health benefits plan surplus in history, spearheading state government’s first-ever onsite wellness clinic (the Stay Well Health Center), designing the funding structure for the State’s Children’s Wellness Center, and providing instrumental counsel in internal talks on the State’s revenue shortfalls in 2018.


Per League President Cynthia Ann Bettison, “The League is thrilled to see its success continue through Director Forte’s integritous leadership.”


Director Forte, who has served as Interim Director at the League since February 26, 2020, shared the following thoughts: “It is an honor and privilege to receive this Board’s support, and I am humbled that I have the responsibility of following in the footsteps of my mentor, Bill.  As the League brings one era to an end and starts its next, you can share my confidence that we will always keep Bill’s values front and center; rest assured we will always remember his teachings and will stay on the course he has set.”

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