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The purpose of the New Mexico League of Zoning Officials (NMLZO) is to identify, foster and promote academic and technical educational programs for zoning officials; to provide better governmental response to the needs of all citizens; and to establish and maintain a line of communication and open dialogue among participants at all levels of the planning and zoning process.


An objective of NMLZO is to educate our membership through a framework that provides for certification and continued certification.  This objective can be met by a basic certification program and a continuing certification program.  This two-part program will ensure that all of our members receive the most current and up-to-date information available, while encouraging members to remain active in the organization.


The programs adopted by the NMLZO are “The Basic Certification Program (CZO)” and “The Continuing Certification Program (CCP).”


The Basic Certification Program was developed to recognize the achievements and efforts made by members to build knowledge in the field on Zoning and Land Use Law.  Certification is awarded by the NMLZO Board of Directors and remains in effect for four years, until which time continued certification is required.  Each member must submit an application to the NMLZO Board with an application fee and materials proving that the certification requirements have been met.  The application will be used to validate the certification of the member as CZO.  When the Executive Board determines that the requirements are met, a four-year certification will be issued.

Basic Certification Requirements

The NMLZO member will need to attend four (4) conferences plus acquire an additional 70 points of education and/or work related experience for a total of 100 points.

Certification will be validated, provided that the applicant has fulfilled the following:

  • Submittal of completed application;
  • Submittal of application fee;
  • Submittal of proof of 4 NMLZO conferences (maximum 30 points);
  • Submittal of proof of acquiring 70 additional points of education and/or job related experience.

Members are encouraged to apply 60 days prior to our scheduled conferences to allow time to review application submittals.

Basic Certification Credits

The basic certification requirements can be met through any combination of formal courses, university short courses, and professional experience as approved by the Board.

Submitted documentation of training for basic certification will be reviewed and approved by the NMLZO Board to determine the quality of training and its relevance.  If a training course is deemed to meet the training requirements of the CZO program, the Board will determine the number of points granted and notify the applicant of their success.


Objective of the CCP

The objective of the Continuing Certification Program is to provide continued educational opportunities and current information on zoning-related issues to members of the league recognized as a Certified Zoning Official (CZO), while encouraging each member to remain active in the organization.

Program Description

The CCP is a component of a two-part certification program.  League members are awarded Basic Certification and recognized as CZO’s by the New Mexico Municipal League after successful completion of established requirements.  This credential remains in effect for four (4) years, ending in December, from the date of certification.

During the four-year period of Basic Certification, the CZO is eligible to attain Continuing Certification status.  CZO’s are asked to accumulate a minimum of 50 Continuing Credits (CC’s) related to their professional field, subject to NMLZO approval.  Members are asked to attend at least three (3) NMLZO workshops.  Attendance at each workshop is worth fifteen (15) CC’s.

Upon obtaining 50 CC’s within the given period, members may apply for Continuing Certification.  Applications must be complete, including proper documentation of all necessary information.  Members failing to accumulate the minimum number of CC’s by the end of the fourth year will lose their status of certification, and will be eligible for Basic Certification again.

Obtaining Continuing Credits

A variety of CC’s can be obtained by CZO’s working toward Continuing Certification during the four-year period.  NMLZO conferences, formal courses, university short courses, and related certification programs may be attended; league service in an elected or appointed position is available; professional contributions are possible.  The objective of the Continuing Certification Program is to encourage active participation in the organization.  Submitted documentation for CC’s will be reviewed for approval by the NMLZO to determine the quality of the training, as well as its relevance to the CZO program.  For additional information, please refer to the chart on the back page.

Program Certification

At least 180 days before the expiration of their certification, CZO’s are asked to submit all pertinent information relating to their Continuing Certification application to the NMLZO.  Submission of the provided information will allow the NMLZO to verify the standing of the league member, as well as review the provided documentation.

Successful applicants will be notified in writing of their Continuing Certification status, and will be recognized accordingly at the following NMLZO Annual or Semi-Annual Conference.  Members not meeting the minimum standard of credits will lose their status as CZO, but will automatically become eligible for Basic Certification again.

For more information contact Mariah Valdez, mvaldez@nmml.org.

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