Joint CENSUS Message from NMML, NMAC and DFA

Dear County and Municipal Leaders,
The 2020 Census is ending on September 30th and, as of right now, every county and city in New Mexico
is at risk of an undercount. But our fate is not sealed — you can make a difference today by encouraging
everyone you interact with to complete their census.
You’ve heard the numbers: if the census misses just 1% of New Mexican’s, we will lose out on over $650
million. An undercount would mean funding cuts and loss of federal dollars that our cities and counties
simply cannot afford. That would result in less funding for Title I schools and essential food programs,
cuts for firefighters and first responders, teachers and nurses, roads and infrastructure, and so much more.
An undercount may mean a loss of businesses that decide to locate to other states.
These impacts will be felt for the next decade and in most cases, beyond the term of any one elected
But the count is happening right now – on our watch. Fortunately, many of you have stepped-up over the
past several months to support your local complete count committees, have completed your census, and
serve as census ambassadors. Collectively, our efforts to date have brought our state count to around 90%.
This is great news, but we still have a climb ahead of us and less than 8 days to go.
Your budgets are already stretched thin and now, possibly more than ever before, we need to advocate for
every single dollar that can help our residents. Consider this: each person not counted in the census is like
walking past a new $10 bill and not picking it up – every day, for ten years. Instead those dollars will
flow to other states with higher response rates, like Colorado, Arizona, or Texas.
New Mexico Counties, the Municipal League, and the DFA Local Government Division have worked
together and with our membership to overcome challenges in the past and we’re confident we can do so
That’s why we’re asking you to help us out and make sure everyone in your area is counted. There are
several things you can still do:
● Send an email, text message, or call to friends, family and coworkers and let them know why you
responded to the census, and encourage them to do the same.
● Call up your local radio station and ask them to spend a few minutes with you on air discussing
the census.
● Post on social media.

Be sure to include, and 844-330-2020 (Eng) or 844-468-2020 (Span) in your message.
There’s a useful ambassador Toolkit with talking-points, suggested social media posts, and general
information on the census to help you out here.
We know you’re busy, and balancing many demands on your time, not the least of which is supporting
your community during a global pandemic. We also know you understand the significant long-term
impacts an undercount will have on your community. We greatly appreciate you and your efforts.
In partnership,

Donnie Quintana
Division Director
Local Government Division,
NM Dept. of Finance & Administration

Steve Kopelman
Executive Director
NM Counties

A.J. Forte
Executive Director
NM Municipal League

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 846 Santa Fe, NM 87504

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