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New Mexico Municipal Clerks Certification Institutes

The New Mexico Municipal Clerks Certification Institute is an intensive program of continuing professional education for municipal and deputy municipal clerks.  The purpose is to assist clerks in developing and maintaining the high level of administrative expertise needed for the successful operation of increasingly complex municipal governments.  Population changes, increased municipal responsibilities, and extensive social and legislative change have increased both the difficulty and the importance of the clerk’s function.  With increased responsibility comes a need for professional education to aid the municipal clerk in acquiring necessary new skills and knowledge, while developing and strengthening those already in use.

What is IIMC Certification?

A CMC (Certified Municipal Clerk) certification is a distinction granted by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) to Clerks who have completed three years of full attendance at a recognized institute and fulfilled other educational or non-educational requirements.  CMC means that a Clerk has had 120 hours of continuing professional education in public administration.  The Institute must provide instruction in public administration and personal development to be recognized by IIMC.  Attendance is required at the Institute if you wish to apply for your CMC.  You must be an active member of IIMC for two years.

The New Mexico Municipal Clerks Certification Institute offers a total of 120 hours of study over a three-year period in the categories listed below:

1. Administration and Organization 50%
2.  Social and Interpersonal Issues 30%
3.  Electives 20%

The following are the requirements for obtaining the Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) designation:

  1. Be a clerk or a deputy clerk or perform the duties as defined by IIMC.
  2.  Be an active member of IIMC for two years.
  3.  Affirm and practice the IIMC Code of Ethics.
  4.  Submit the Application for Admission along with the $50 non-refundable Application fee (applicable towards the total $100 certification application fee includes certificate only; additional $35 for certificate and plaque – optional).
  5.  Complete and submit an IIMC Application for CMC designation with required supporting documentation and fee.
  6. Attain sixty (60) points in the Education category.
  7. Attain fifty (50) points in the Experience category.
  8. Perform the core duties of a municipal clerk by serving a legislative government body in an administrative capacity with management responsibilities, which would include four (4) of the following:
  • General Management
  • Records Management
  • Elections
  • Meeting Administration
  • Management of by-laws, Articles of Incorporation, ordinances or other legal instruments
  • Human Resources Management
  • Financial Management
  • Custody of the official seal and execution of official documents
*Deputy clerks must perform at least four (4) of the eight (8) core duties above.

The CMC Program admission application and the CMC application form can be obtained at the International Institute of Municipal Clerks website: www.iimc.com.


Master Municipal Clerk Academy

What is the Master Municipal Clerk Academy (MMCA)?

The MMCA Program establishes the ultimate professional designation for Municipal Clerks known as the Master Municipal Clerk (MMC).  The MMC designation recognizes individual efforts in continuing professional education and exemplifies the professional designation beyond the CMC level.

Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) Designation

The Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) is the second of the two professional designations offered by IIMC.  To qualify for entrance into the MMC program, an applicant must have already earned the CMC designation.  The MMC program prepares the participants to meet the challenges of the complex role of the Municipal Clerk by providing an advanced continuing education program that prepares participants to perform more complex municipal duties.  The program has an extensive and advanced educational component, a professional and social contribution component.  MMC applicants must demonstrate that they have actively pursued educational and professional activities and have remained informed of current socio-political, cultural, and economic issues that affect local governments and municipalities.

The educational requirements for the MMC are more complex and at a much higher level than those of the CMC program.  The subject matters might be similar to those of the CMC courses; however, the breadth and depth of the MMC courses shall be more academically advanced.

The following are the requirements for obtaining the MMC designation:

  1. Hold a CMC designation in good standing.
  2. Be an active member of IIMC.
  3. Reaffirm IIMC’s Code of Ethics.
    • Complete and submit the Application for Admission, along with the non-refundable application fee of $50 (applicable towards the total $400 fee).
    • Complete and submit an IIMC Application for the MMC designation with required supporting documentation and appropriate fees.
  4. Attain 60 points in the Advanced Education category.
    • Attain 40 points in Professional and Social Contributions category, 20 of which can be a Combination of Advanced Education and/or Professional and Social points.
    • All points earned towards the MMC designation must be dated after any prior designation (i.e. – CMC, CMC Recertification, or if applicable, any prior Levels).  For example, if the applicant’s CMC designation was obtained in March of 2008, no materials dated prior to March of 2008 will be accepted towards the MMC designation. 

The MMC Program Admission Application and the MMC Application form can be obtained at the International Institute of Municipal Clerks website: www.iimc.com.

For more information contact Linda Alire-Naranjo, Institute Director, lalire@nmml.org.

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